Job Purpose/Function:

Upon a finding of medical necessity for treatment by the staff physician, the counselor serves as the  lead coordinating member of an integrated healthcare team focused on helping each client reach his/her optimal emotional, physical and social wellness within the community.  Decisions regarding treatment and advocacy for the client are the counselor’s ultimate responsibility.

Major Responsibilities:

The clinician has five major responsibilities in accordance with a) agency policies and contractual obligations and b) state/federal regulations/laws and c) accreditation standards:

  • Develop and implement an integrated/seamless treatment plan with input from the client and the healthcare team members
  • Act with due diligence to ensure the client’s safety; taking a leadership role in all client care matters and ensuring the client has a positive, rewarding experience
  • Providing culturally competent assessments (when needed), individual, family and group counseling services
  • Deliver coordinated services that include assisting the individual in accessing entitlements and community social supports.
  • Maintain accurate, clear and complete documentation of all facets of a client’s treatment in the client’s record.

Tasks and Standards:

1. Provide substance use disorder and mental health counseling services through duties that include:
a. Writing treatment plans, referral forms and discharge plans
b. Planning and conducting individual & family sessions
c. Planning and facilitating group sessions
d. Assuring all clinical records are comprehensive and follow all regulatory and agency guidelines, including timeframes for completion.
e. Assessing new clients (when the need arises)
2. Provide engagement and care coordination. Link clients to all available resources and coordinating services to determine needs in the following areas:
a. Physical
b. Housing
c. Financial
d. Legal
e. Sober support networks
f. Social support networks
g. Family
h. Educational
i. Vocational
j. Recreational
k. Spiritual
l. Competency in English

Education and Experience Required: 

  • Master’s degree in a related behavioral health category
  • Has verified professional counseling license in State of Connecticut (LADC, LCSW, LPC, LMFT)
  • Must have a work history that demonstrates the understanding of a consumer-driven delivery system, accomplishment, punctuality and the ability to work well with colleagues
  • Must have strong communications skills along with the interpersonal skills to work effectively at all levels of the organization and its stakeholders
  • Must be computer literate