Middle School Teacher (English Language Arts)

Position Status:    Part-time & non-exempt (8 hours per week)

Reports to:            Program Director-Center for Youth Development

Job Function:   To provide English and language arts instruction/tutoring services to middle school age youth helping each student attain or exceed grade level achievement standards. The teacher must have the ability to reach and engage students at varying stages of performance who may have a bevy of personal challenges. The candidate must be able to make educational material fun, relevant and stimulating using an array of teaching techniques.  Both formal and informal teaching contact with students must aim to develop social emotional learning, build resiliency and promote restorative justice.

Typical workload, which may change over time, is currently equates to teaching 30 students per day for four consecutive days Monday through Thursday during the fall, winter and spring semesters from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM.   Teachers will lead 2 one-hour class sessions with approximately 15 students at a time.  In all, teachers are expected to provide 8 hours of instructional time per week.  Additional hours may be approved periodically for communication with parents and case management sessions as required.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Help students’ complete homework assigned to them by school which they attend; foster improved reading, writing and comprehension skills.
  2. Prepare and deliver fun, creative and thought provoking lesson plans to improve student understanding of material that each at minimum are expected to master.
  3. Assess both formally and informally individual student needs and develop individual success plans for their growth and development using a strength based approach.
  4. Participate in events that contribute to the organization’s ability to promote USP with a diverse community, donors and donor prospects.
  5. Participate in case management sessions periodically time with program staff and communicate with parents as guided by the USP program guidelines.
  6. Other duties may be necessary occasionally.

Education & Experience:

  1. A demonstrated track record of motivating students and fostering within them a can do spirit.
  2. State of Connecticut certified English and language arts middle school teacher; a master’s degree preferred.
  3. English and language arts tutoring experience a plus.
  4. Bi-lingual English and Spanish speaking is greatly desirable.
  5. Excellent ability to engage and reach young people with a diverse set of individual life challenges, learning styles and ability.

Performance Indications:

  1. Student retention and satisfaction in USP and in school setting.
  2. Student progress exhibiting appropriate ways to deal with challenges, building healthy peer and adult relationships, expressing creativity and continuing to engage in their learning at USP and in school.
  3. The student’s improved ability to complete homework assignments demonstrating improved understanding of subject matter.