Partnering with individuals, youth, and families to improve well-being, strengthen resilience, and create a brighter future.
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We Improve Well-being

We Build Skills For Life

Our behavioral health services help people navigate life’s challenges.

We Strengthen Resilience

We Believe in Resilience

Resilience is the process of effectively negotiating, adapting to, or managing significant sources of stress or trauma. Assets and resources within the individual, their life and environment facilitate this capacity for adaptation and ‘bouncing back’ in the face of adversity.

Greater Bridgeport +

We Act Locally

We've served the greater Bridgeport community for over 170 years.

How We Help

Behavioral Health

Our counseling and therapy services help people navigate challenges. We listen when you need to be heard in order to help you reach your full potential.
How We Help - Behavioral Health

Youth Development

Our summer program provides enrichment, teambuilding and academic focused activities. Social Emotional Learning activities are a part of every day.
How We Help - Youth Center

The Community Closet

The Community Closet is a resource for the individuals, youth and families we serve to access gently used clothing, personal care items, shoes, linens, baby items, books, toys, board games, and linens free of charge.
How We Help - Family Resources

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