Behavioral Health

LifeBridge is both an asset and an essential resource in the community. Our behavioral health counseling services for children, adults, and families help to build the internal resources necessary to recover from adversity. Measures of treatment effectiveness are based on the theory that if behavioral health treatment is successful, clients will increase their overall resiliency and be better positioned to stabilize their living situation to lead healthier lives—not only for them but for their families as well. Our team of licensed social workers, professional counselors, marriage/family therapists, addiction counselors and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses provides you with the tools needed to help you cope, adapt, and overcome challenges. Medicaid and Insurance is accepted.


LifeBridge differs from organizations offering similar services due to our designation through the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) as an Outpatient Urban Trauma Center. LifeBridge recognizes the impact of trauma on individuals and communities and desires to strengthen and improve the quality of our service delivery through the provision of culturally responsive services addressing urban and racial trauma. Urban trauma is not a label or condition but is instead a framework to identify, reclaim and heal from structural racism. An essential aspect of advancing racial equity and racial healing is learning about, and addressing, the psychological effects of racism.

We are an extension of our environment. Nurture plays a vital role in our development, including how we handle our challenges and successes. Inequities in urban environments and conditions that sustain modern-day oppression – systemic racism, chronic exposure to poverty, overcrowded housing, poor physical and mental health, violence, crime, drug abuse, and despair – can make Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) more susceptible to developing urban trauma.

Through the support of the Urban Trauma Network (UTN) we will receive coaching, training, technical assistance, and fidelity monitoring from the Urban Trauma-Performance Improvement Center (UT-PIC). The services offered by the UT-PIC will be transformative and will improve our overall quality of services and access to care.  The UT-PIC, with support from DCF, will provide a community-based approach to understanding the effects of racism, discrimination, and inequalities for urban youth in our community and throughout Connecticut.

2 Locations:
475 Clinton Avenue
Bridgeport, CT
Fairfield Counseling Services 125 Penfield Road
Fairfield, CT

Domestic Violence

We offer mental health sessions, specifically for survivors of emotional, physical, financial, or sexual abuse by a partner and children who have witnessed Domestic Violence in the home. Other services include: parent and child interventions in family therapy, help to develop a social network and referrals for emergency shelter, legal help, and more specialized services.

General Counseling

Our clinicians work with clients to create and complete their treatment goals, which focus on building resiliency through three key life areas: better self-sufficiency, improved overall functioning, and lessening or elimination of symptoms.

Adolescent Wellness

With a team lead by licensed clinicians, we offer specialized pediatric behavioral health therapy for individuals and families. We serve clients ages six and up.

Substance Use Disorder

We offer individual and family therapy, recovery and relapse prevention.

Family Therapy

We work with families within the community to nurture change and development.

Community Support Program

Provides intensive case management for individuals with severe mental illness to live independently and achieve their life goals.

If you are interested in services, please contact our Admissions Dept. at 203-368-4291. If we are currently serving other clients, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. For more information, please email the Behavioral Health Department at