Executive Staff & Board of Directors


Edith Boyle, LCSW
President and Chief Executive Officer

Linda Dunn
Director of Human Resources

Frank Farias
Chief Financial Officer

Lori Goertz, MPA
Director of Marketing and Development

Cary Ostrow, LMFT
Senior Director of Quality and Compliance

Tia Reid
Senior Director of Behavioral Health


Howard Greene, Chair
Anne Diamond, JD, First Vice Chair
Jeanne D. Breen, MD, Second Vice Chair
John J. Lombardi, Ph.D., Treasurer
Libby Traynor, LCSW, Assistant Treasurer
Ellen Tower, Secretary
Dara Richards, MD, Assistant Secretary
Kenneth Weinstein, At-LargeĀ 
Nicole Cassidy
Adhlere Coffy
Stephen Finnegan
George Kasper, Esq.
Pejay Lucky
Natalie Pryce
Thomas Travers, MD
Lesly Valbrun, DC