President & Chief Executive Officer

LifeBridge Community Services believes in the unlimited potential of every child and family in Bridgeport. By providing a combination of behavioral health services, youth development, and asset-building resources for families, its impact strengthens families and the community as a whole. The lives of youth and families served by LifeBridge have been deeply impacted by trauma, poverty and a lack of educational opportunity. One in every three children in Bridgeport lives in poverty. Over 11% of youth ages 18-24 years old have not graduated from high school, and many studies show youth in Bridgeport schools are not meeting standardized performance measures.

LifeBridge helps youth and their families become resilient — to be able to persevere against these odds and be successful. Its youth program focuses on academic enrichment, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, leadership/team building and mental health. The Urban Scholars Program assists youth
residing in The West End of Bridgeport who are entering grades 6-9 by providing them with academically engaging activities to promote learning and prosocial behaviors as well as integrating behavioral health services.

The successful President & CEO candidate will demonstrate the ability to articulate a compelling vision and keep people focused during challenging times as well as invite new partners into the mission. The candidate will have a track record of data driven, evidence-based outcomes, and possess the highest level of oral, written and interpersonal communication skills to effectively work with a broad range of individuals and organizations, including Board members, families, funders, professional colleagues, public officials, community partners, and the media.

The next leader will be one who recognizes and values the wealth of experience held by the staff. The individual will have the temperament and skills to continue the development of talented staff, as well as a demonstrated ability to bring passion, vision, direction, business discipline and inspiration into the agency.
The successful candidate will be a relationship builder and skilled at guiding the team towards shared success and positive client experiences. Having the humility to delegate is important, as is the ability to listen and lead with respect and consistency. The next CEO will have demonstrated strong experience and
ability in setting goals, implementing a strategic plan, and openly sharing issues and opportunities with a board of directors.

A compelling presence and excellent speaking and communication skills are a must, as is a proven history of building strategic, sustainable programmatic relationships with community and funding partners. Candidates must be prepared to serve as a true ambassador and key external representative for LifeBridge
and to build support for the mission through collaboration, advocacy and leadership. The successful candidate will be viewed broadly as a leader among leaders, with proven fundraising skills (especially with large individual donors, foundations and the business community).

A big picture thinker and ambitious leader, the next President & CEO will also possess strong business acumen to oversee all aspects of the business operation, including but not limited to human capital, fiscal solvency, and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. They will have demonstrated
expertise in finance and financial oversight and will be comfortable with technology and management information systems. This person must be organized, goal-oriented and decisive.

Candidates should have experience working in racially and ethnically diverse communities and with individuals and families from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Although deep expertise in behavioral health or youth and family services is not required, a willingness and inclination to learn will be needed both for program effectiveness and for identifying cost efficiencies. The ability to embrace and expand the Urban Scholars Program is also key to success. Experience leading a nonprofit is beneficial, although not mandatory, for this position.

To apply, submit a current resume and letter of introduction to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at (click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page). LifeBridge Community Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please see the full President & CEO Position Guide on this page under Documents to Download to view LifeBridge’s EEO/Affirmative Action Policy Statement.